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.What is L'viv?
If you ask a specialist in geography, hell say that L'viv is a city in Ukraine. But do you really know much about Ukraine? It is a beautiful country in Eastern Europe with mountains (the Carpathian, the Crimean) and plains, with rivers, seas and lakes, with forests and fields, with cold winters and warm summers.
And L'viv is one of Ukraines regional cities, situated in the hills of picturesque Roztochchya, where the main European watershed, dividing the rivers of the Baltic and Black Seas basins, passes. L'viv stands at the crossroads that connects Western and Eastern Europe overland.

What is L'viv?
Ask an historian and he will take a lot of your time to tell you very very briefly. In the middle of the 13th century, in the hills alongside the Poltva river at the site of an ancient
settlement, Danylo, the King of Halychyna (sometimes called by its other name Galicia) and Volyn, founded a castle-town and named it in honor of his son, Lev. L'viv was first mentioned in the chronicles of 1256. Through its history L'viv has been influenced by many countries and cultures including the Halytsko-Volynske Principality, Ritch Pospolyta, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Western Ukrainian National Republic, Poland, and the USSR. According to historical records Ukrainians, Armenians, Poles, Germans, Jews, Greeks, Italians, French and Scots have all lived in the territory of L'viv and every nation has left in the city some traces of their traditions, history and culture. Todays L'viv is a well-developed city, and a treasure-house of the cultural and artistic riches of its past inhabitants.

What is L'viv?
Ask an ecologist and you will hear that the southern districts of the L'viv region have a
rare, ecologically clean natural environment for the enjoyment of health tourism, rest and medicinal treatment. Here in the Carpathians Mountains youll be able to breath healthy air and to feel the beneficial qualities of mineral waters while enjoying a stay at one of the world-renowned holiday homes or medicinal centres.
In winter the Carpathians become a Mecca for ski lovers, with their unforgettable landscapes and challenging ski runs. Combined with the fresh and invigorating mountain climate, the atmosphere and ambience are hard to match anywhere in Europe.

What is L'viv?
Ask anybody who has visited L'viv and they all will tell
you at once of the warmth of hospitality, the wealth of exquisite art and culture, the colourful folk traditions and the cosmopolitan mixture of many nations. But the city of L'viv speaks for itself better than any visitor can. This is a town with a long and proud history, where dreams are said to come true and where every street has a legend. Those who have visited L'viv often return again and again, as if drawn by its magic attraction. Come and experience it for yourself!

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